"First, let me thank you for creating this camp and being so passionate and involved. This is my son's second year participating and I think it is a great 'learning through play' experience for all the age groups. Second, I truly appreciate you putting in the extra effort to help the kids earn scouting badges." -Tria (parent)

"They had such an amazing time at camp. They have not always found the areas where they excel and you make them both feel so proud and so confident. Thank you for that." -Jennifer (parent)

"It was the best day of my whole life!" -Blake (student)

"Thank you for the wonderful experience your camp provided to [my grandson]. He is already talking about wanting to do it again next year... you clearly have a unique touch with these [boys and girls]. It was certainly one of the best experiences of his year, and just what grandparents want to offer as a treat for their grandchildren." -Alison (grandparent)

"My son said that yesterday at camp was the best day of his life." -Denise (parent)

"We just want to thank you for the wonderful experience [our son] had at Lego Robotics Camp. He absolutely loved it and is excited to do more. As homeschoolers, it is tough sometimes to find those social activities that meet the needs of our children. We are grateful that we found out about the camp at GHC homeschool convention. It was especially reassuring to read the safety measures put in place for the children at the camp. We felt at ease knowing you had thought about those concerns too. Thank you. It was a wonderful experience for him. We will see you next year!" -Tom and Crystal (parents)

"Thank you so much for a wonderful time and providing this opportunity for the kids. My three kids have not stopped talking about the robot competition all week this week. It was such a fun time and they enjoyed being able to do it with their friends. Thanks again. You guys did a great job!" -Aimee (parent)

"My son has been to every robot camp in Columbus, and this one was by far the most fun and the most educational! In comparison, the other camps were a waste of time and money." -Sarah (parent)

"Finally, my son has found something he is good at and enjoys."   -Chuck (parent)

"My 9 year old son attended this Lego Robotics camp last summer and it was one of the highlights of his entire summer... He learned a lot and had a wonderful time. The camp leaders are fabulous young role models. We highly recommend this camp. It is well run, fun, and awesome for any Lego fan. Both of my sons will attend it this year." -Crystal (parent)

"My daughter didn't know if she would have fun, but she loved the class and now she is all excited about engineering."  -Roger (parent)

"I bought my son a robotics kit last year and it sat on the shelf, but after the first day at robot camp he came home and was building designs of his own."   -Amy (parent)

"Thank you so much for the great camp! Sawyer had a great time and I was so happy to see how organized and fun it was for him. " -Julia (parent)

"Finally, I've found my people!"  -Logan (student)

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Robot Academy, LLC
200 East Campus View Blvd, Suite 200
Columbus, OH 43235

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