Dublin: Jr (age 4 to 8) BattleBot Building/Programming Camp (5-day, afternoon) 1 spot left

Lego BattleBot Building/Programming Camp
This camp features our famous BattleBot championship, where student-made robots "battle to the death". With the help of world champion robotics instructors, students will learn to program BattleBots in the Mindstorms EV3 language using sensors and logic. Beginners (and younger students) will master basic programming, while experienced programmers (and older students) will learn more advanced techniques for ensuring the success of their BattleBots. We run the BattleBot rounds until all campers have a chance to win. Students also complete robot challenges to earn points to win tall trophies to reward their achievements. Award ceremonies are a fun celebration of our students' talents. This year we will take pictures and film the student award ceremony since we cannot have an audience due to the Governor's guidelines. Instructors provide individual help to make sure all students win trophies and are happy campers.

1:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Ticket Prices
Camp Tuition (per student)249
OPTIONAL: Early Drop-off (per student)25
OPTIONAL: Late Pick-up (per student)20
OPTIONAL: Robot Academy T-Shirt 10
OPTIONAL: Robot Academy T-Shirt for second registraton10